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Gold Coast car detailing professionals Oxenford QLD based, Offering more than just a “Wash and Wax”, We want your car to stay “showroom-new” for life that’s why we teamed up with Protect Your ride for the ultimate protection.  Offering Gtechniq which is the biggest and most trusted companies in the detailing industry.

Paint protection

Gtechniq Paint protectionAll of our detailers have over 10 years experience in paint finishing , Paint protection and even Custom restoration .

Restore your car to perfection with our leather care, Gtechniq Ceramic paint and fabric protection, machine polishing , paint correction, engine cleaning and detailing.

Gold Coast Car Detailing

Auto detailing is no ordinary job. It needs a comprehensive understanding of what solutions work out for different surfaces, textures, and even colours. . Car detailing requires advanced technology so we import our high quality detailing products directly from U.S.A. All of our products are OEM approved products to ensure your car gets the care it deserves . We like to think we are the best  Gold Coast car detailing service that really cares for your car , truck , bus or motorbike .

Our waterless wash process at Gold Coast car detailing is a giant step towards not only conserving water but also reducing the amount of toxic chemicals being dumped on the environment. The more cars we detail without water the more we take care of the future and environment as we know it today. We do offer professional hand washing process if you prefer traditional hand wash. At GC Splash & Shine Gold Coast Car Detailing Oxenford we guarantee your satisfaction and know that you will be a customer for life once you try us. Remember we have been rated the best Gold Coast car detailing Oxenford service since 2011

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GC Splash & Shine Gold Coast

Our Specialties

At GC Splash & Shine Gold Coast Car Detailing we only offer services that we are highly skilled in. That way you can be sure that when we go to work on your car, 4WD, Motorcycle, Boat, Caravan or Motorhome it will turn out looking as good as it possibly can. Don’t trust an amatuer with your costly leather interiour, or your quality metallic paint job as inexperienced operators can damage the finish and leave you with regret and a devalued vehicle. Trust a gold coast car detailing professional and feel reassured knowing that we have over 10 years experience and knowledge up our sleeves.
Leather Care
leather only looks and feels it’s best when it is cleaned and conditioned regularly. Using our leather care schedule and premium products will have your leather products clean and soft for years to come, and looking like it was brand new.
Paint Protection

It is all that stands between the bare metal of your vehicles body and the elements like the sun, the rain and the dust. But by using our carefully chosen paint protection products you can safely leave your car outside whenever the need arises.

Paint Correction/Restoration

An intensive procedure that can take many hours to complete, but the reward is the fantastic glossy finish that is achieved. Using a 3 Step Cut n Polish then a 3 Step Buff, all the paints imperfections will be gone, giving the proud owner a better than factory finish that is sure to turn heads.

Engine Cleaning

Your cars engine isn’t always on show but it does a lot of hard work, and without proper cleaning and maintenance it can give you problems. With our high pressure cleaners and solvents designed to cut through grease and grime we can have it looking as good as the outside of your car.

Headlight Restoration

Our headlight restoration service is the professional way to bring your headlights back to a almost new finish. First we carefully remove any damaged areas and clean away any built up dirt and grime with a specialized solution, then we reapply the protection so they stay crystal for years to come.

Interior Cleaning & Shampoo

Accidents happen and occasionally you can be left with a permanent reminder in the way of a stain. Well it’s not as permanent as you might think! We have a wide variety of interior cleaning and shampoo solutions that we can use to get rid of that mark forever – especially useful when preparing a vehicle for sale.

Our Most Popular Services

There’s plenty of things that you would rather be doing than washing your car right? Well pick up that phone and call GC Splash and Shine Gold Coast Car Detailing, and in no time you will have a freshly cleaned, polished, vacuumed and deodorised car ready for the week ahead. Contact Ben on 0478 180 259 today!
Get Your Car Washed at GC Splash & Shine

Basic Exterior Car Wash

Using premium detergents we import from the USA that won’t harm your paint work or mother earth, we will get your car shiny and just like new. Perfect for cars about to be sold.

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Leather Care by GC Splash & Shine Gold Coast

Leather & Vinyl Care

The inside of your car gets a real workout – especially if you have children. Let us freshen it up and start a care plan for your leather or material seating.

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Paint & Chrome Polishing by GC Splash & Shine Gold Coast

Paint & Chrome Polishing

Paint and chrome can tarnish over time, but by using our famous repair products from the USA, and some elbow grease, we will have your vehicle looking amazing.

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We are more then just gold coast car detailing we offer a friendly service from a basic car wash up to the advance full detailing . Give us a call today !!!!!

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