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GTECHNIQ 9H creates crystal clear protection for a brilliant shine on any vehicle. 9H technology combines the best paint protection properties to protect your car and extend its lifetime.

Ceramic coatings protects against the harshest elements, pollution, water spots, bird droppings, contamination and more.  Crystal Serum from Gtechniq will not flake, haze, or discolour in sunlight.

Ceramic Paint protection that lasts Years not moths like others.  Water and liquids simply bead and roll off the extreme hydrophobic coating before they can spot or stain.

Scratch Resistant and Chemicals can no longer hurt your paint . Dirt and dust have a hard time adhering to the smooth texture of Gtechniq which makes cleaning easier and further apart.

We only use the best ceramic paint protections with flexible coating technology that conforms to the surface to reduce scratch effects.

The ceramic paint protection will  be layered for enhanced long-term protection and shine. We apply on paintwork, polished metal, wheels, glass, headlights, and taillights for extended protection against the elements.

For durable long-term protection against the elements with enhanced shine and gloss Call Us Now !!!

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Traditional car waxes have limited durability on paintwork and other automotive surfaces. Carnauba wax protects paintwork from the elements and enhances shine with a warm, wet look, but it only lasts up to three months under ideal conditions. Crystal Serum Ceramic Protective Coating is the next evolution in car care coatings.

The durable coating protects paintwork and other automotive surfaces for years. Ceramic paint protection repels water and pollution, blocks harmful UV rays, and enhances shine and depth with brilliant reflection and pristine optical clarity. Liquid Armour 9h is designed to protect any vehicle under the most extreme conditions. Protect your vehicle from fading and discoloration in extreme desert heat and UV sunlight. Prevent staining and spotting during intense cold and wet weather conditions. Unlike other ceramic coatings on the market, Liquid Armour Protective Coating hardens with flexible surface tension.

The coating pliability helps the vehicle reject swirls and scratches, and actually self-repairs to reduce visibility of scratch damage done to the coating. Choose our Ceramic Protective Coating for long term protection with enhanced shine and reflection.

We service all Gold coast area’s , Based in Oxenford and Southport Qld we offer a mobile service to most areas such as Helensvale , Hope Island , Paradise Point and as far south as  Burleigh Heads areas. So if you want your car to look its best for longer and have the maximum protection available on the Gold Coast give us a call today.  Looking for a quote on fleet or dealership prices send us a message below we normally get back to you within a few hours . Our team of seven servicing South Brisbane and Gold Coast means we have the flexibility to come you at time best suited to you . We offer car detailing package deals   and paint Protection from $249 .  Yes we offer discounts on pensioners , We understand that giving back to the community is just as important as taking a step forward .  Any question please send us a message below Thank You

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